Buying a home can be one of the most exciting experiences of your life. This can be true whether you’ve purchased several homes or you’re preparing to buy for the first time. With the right support system and the help of a trusted RE/MAX® professional, you can make the most informed decisions.

Marketing Your Property

Our RE/MAX agents have access to advanced technology and marketing strategies, and have the knowledge and expertise to help sell your home. A few highlights include:

Online Listing for Your Home

Online listings feature information specific to each property and the surrounding area, as well as a property image. An invaluable marketing tool, the property image gives potential buyers an instant preview, which saves time and visually sparks interest.

Mobile Presence

Prospective buyers will be able to access the same great search technology available on our website while on the go! Our home search app is available for both iOS and Android devices, increasing the opportunity for your home to be shown to potential buyers anywhere and at any time.

Advanced Marketing

We have advanced marketing and digital strategies that can help drive more traffic to your listing. The RE/MAX network of agents is one of the largest in the country and can be a great resource for spreading the word about your property by word of mouth, online marketing, and other advertising opportunities.

Our Commitment To Buyers & Tenants

A Buyer or Tenant is often unaware that they are not accurately represented, when only an agent representing the Seller or Landlord exists.  

In RE/Max Zone, we recognize the right of the Buyers or Tenants to hold their own advice and representation, in their best interests.

RE/Max Zone, and its agents, commit to provide adequate, complete and comprehensive representation options for the Buyer or Tenant, in order to ensure that each Buyer and Tenant obtains the best possible conditions, where their rights and finances are protected.

Our commitment with Buyers and Tenants includes:

  1. Be diligent in identifying real estate acceptable to client.
  2. Supervise and cooperate in lender prequalification, ensuring that you are offered the products that best fit your financial profile and property of interest.
  3. Negotiate the terms and conditions for the purchase, lease, option, or exchange of such Property.
  4. Provide comparable sales and market to determine that the offer price is appropriate for your financial profile, prequalification and/or available funds.
  5. Identify potential risks and situations for the interested properties.
  6. Assist in the origination of the loan, for the purposes that the lender and/or notary have the documentation necessary to start and process the case.
  7. Coordinate and attend physical inspection.
  8. Coordinate and attend appraisal inspections.
  9. Coordinate and attend surveyors’ inspections.
  10. Coordinate, assist and attend to contractors in case of repairs and/or remodeling.
  11. Coordinate, assist and attend to water, light, septic well, elevation, wind, structural and any other certifications required for the transaction.
  12. Assist with the evaluation of the buyer of inspection, appraisal, measuring and study reports, property contribution, maintenance fees, spills, condo questionnaires, any other documents that are presented as part of the purchase or rental.
  13. Assist in the pre-closing walk thru.
  14. Assist with the evaluation documents that occur for the closing date such as deeds of mortgage, expense and disbursement statements, invoices or for the purposes of any contract for to terminate the transaction according to its nature.
  15. Total confidentiality and full priority from showing to closing of the transaction.

Every Buyer and Tenant deserves specialized service that sells for their best interests.

Contact us now and inquire our Buyers and Tenant Service Rates.