00783 is a suburban zip code in Corozal, Puerto Rico. Median household income here ($11,786) is significantly lower than US average ($56,604). The population is racially diverse, and mostly married couples. Housing prices here (average $99,600) are fairly typical for the San Juan-Caguas-Guaynabo metro area.

The average family income here is $18,954/year. This is less than the national average of $70,000/year. However, the national average number is a little misleading because there are some very wealthy Americans earning $50 million a year or more. (Wouldn’t that be nice!) This pushes the national average higher than in would be without those edge cases. The median household income in the US (median, meaning half of US households make more and half make less) is at about $50,000/year. Median family income in 00783 is $13,280.

An intersting fact about income: Men in 00783 earn an average of $15,413/year. Women earn only $13,608/year.

7,000 people in 00783 have jobs. This statistic includes anyone over the age of 16.

Are you thinking about moving to a neighborhood in 00783? You might be interested to know that the average commute time to work for people living in 00783 is 37.8 minutes!

The median age here is 35. There are 17,825 men and 18,732 women. The median age for men is 34 while for women the median age is 36.

To give you a sense of the community, 27,205 people (out of the 36,557 people live here) have lived in their home at least 5 years. The Post Office delivers mail to 5,952 homes, and 299 businesses every day. people ride bikes or walk to work on a fairly regular basis.

00783 Zip code is located in the Atlantic time zone at 18 degrees latitude and -66 degrees longitude. It has an average elevation of 494 feet above sea levell.